Securing Qualified Labour Force for Energy-Efficiency in the Construction Sector

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Training of Teachers (VET Colleges)

Training of trainers of three pilot colleges.
Introduction of modular practice-oriented curricula for the aforementioned fields.


Training of Instructors on site

Industry-oriented trainings of instructors in the fields of building materials and water/sewage technology are carried out.


PR + Public/Expert Information/Counselling

The project aims at political decision makers, engineering staff, companies and others experts in the field of execution of construction in China.

The results of the project are promoted and are disseminated through public actors.

Participating Companies – partners with a mission

Building Materials / Façade Construction

Baumit Building Material (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

Facade systems

Baumit Building Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Baumit Beteiligungen GmbH as well as a sister company of the German Baumit GmbH. The company produces and processes advanced plaster systems, in particular heat insulation. It is one of the market leaders in Germany and Europe for factory-made dry mortars, tile laying products and thermal insulation composite systems.

Shanghai Hengzhi Construction Co. Ltd.

High quality facade work

Shanghai Hengzhi Construction Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai-based Chinese building company specializing in the processing of facade insulation and facade design as well as waterproofing of the building envelope. The privately-owned company, founded in 2007, is now regarded as one of the market leaders for high-quality facade work in the Shanghai area. Its products range from thermal insulation composite systems, prefabricated facade elements to facade paints and plasters.


Energy Management & Building Automation

DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH Process engineering DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH is a German producer of energy efficient plants for process engineering, heat transfer, pumps, cooling and for drinking water purification.  

bau msr GmbH Bau msr GmbH is a German producer for building automation, industry plants, switchboard manufacturing and MSR and electric systems. The company has further specialized in energy management systems and energy efficient technologies.   read more...
Environmentally Friendly Water & Sewage Technology


Tubus GmbH

Tubus GmbH from Germany is specialized in the environmental-friendly management of water, wastewater and sewage systems. The core competences of the company lie in the pipe and sewer rehabilitation, a field of growing demand in China.


Bauverfugung Werner/Richter GmbH

The German Bauverfugung Werner/Richter GmbH is an expert company in the areas of corrosion protection for supply and transmission lines as well as sealing in road, tunnel and sewage plant construction and asphalt reprocessing.


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