Iris Belle – Tongji University (Shanghai)


What is your idea about integrated design?

My research interest started during my practice as an architect, when I was focusing really on the design part of the project, and I realized there are a lot of decisions that are made concerning this project. So I was asking who was setting the requirements that define the space in which these decisions are actually taken.

Iris Belle holds PhD in Geography and a Diploma in Architecture. She currently works as Assistant Professor at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning in Tongji University, Shanghai, where she researches on the topics of governance and digitization of the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Iris started her career in the year 2000 in Moscow, Russia, and now already works in China for 9 years. Since 2004, Iris is a well-known expert in the field of integrated design, having worked on such projects for more than 14 years.

The network GENIUS promotes the creation of sustainable buildings, such as smart school buildings, in China. It offers Chinese building owners, decision-makers and public administration representatives support to upgrade the architectural and engineering design of buildings by introducing cutting-edge sustainable project management approaches from Europe. The GENIUS project is part of the BMBF campaign “Building the City of Tomorrow” and is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).


This Video is presented to you by the “Competence Centre for Sustainable Building in China“ (CCSBC).

Our approach is to contribute to the acceptance and implementation of energy efficient and sustainable construction in China. To reach this goal, a practice-oriented competence centre for sustainable building will impart knowledge about sustainable building standards and answer demands from building owners, planners, manufacturers of building materials, local authorities and political decision-makers.

CCSBC is one of the projects under develoPPP program, which was set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

The project has the objective to establish a “Competence Centre for Sustainable Building in China” within the public-private partnership (PPP) framework for energy-efficient and sustainable building between GIZ and the consulting firms LUWOGE (represented in China by SoftGrid) and energydesign. The goal is to advance planning and construction practices in China to achieve more sustainable and liveable working and living spaces.