Company Introduction – Bauverfugung

Bauverfugung Werner GmbH is a business from the federal state Saxony, Germany. It was founded in 1993. The company works in joint sealing, asphalt renovation, corrosion protection for supply and transmission lines and sealing of streets, tunnels, channels and sewage plant during the process of building. The most important distribution partner of the company is DENSO GmbH, which is producing the compression profile FERMADUR. FERMADUR is a joint sealant, which can be used in any weather condition, no matter winter or summer, rain or snow. Even leaking joints with pressing water can be sealed immediately and effectively. This product makes Bauverfugung Werner GmbH one of the leading experts in flood defence.

”The project SG-TQC is a great chance for Chinese and German companies. We can see how our materials such as FERMADUR work in other climatic conditions and how we have to adjust to those new circumstances. Furthermore, our products require highly skilled workers for an immaculate application of FERMADUR. The teaching and training activities in the project will support the development of an appropriate skill level for sealing workers in China.” René Werner, CEO of Bauverfugung Werner

The company works in new construction and preservation of existing buildings. Due to their versatile processes the company offers a range of solutions for engineering, especially in sewage plant, sluice, swimming pools, drive-channels and building with prefabricated elements. Further places of applications can be found in building bridges (cap and centre longitudinal joints) and in concrete traffic areas (space, press and contraction joints).

Using FERMADUR requires great care in calculating profile thickness, precise technical knowledge during the insertion into the joint and during the making of connections and crossing points. This is the field the company is highly specialised, certified and working in worldwide.

In the project SG TCQ Sino- German Alliance for Technology Transfer and Qualification in Construction Bauverfugung Werner tries to raise awareness for the importance of sealing technology and the importance of its skilled use on the construction site.