Company Introduction – DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH

DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH has more than 100 years of tradition in plant construction in Saxony, Germany. We have been producing technical products since 1969 and are working on maintaining this tradition. Solid technology and high quality distinguish our products.

“The project Sino-German Alliance for Technology Transfer and Qualification in Construction is a chance. It is a chance for Chinese colleges to get to know German high-tech products and learn how to handle them. Students have the chance to become experts trained by German experts.

For German companies like our company this project is a good opportunity to get to know the Chinese market. During the work with the students and while training them we are able to connect with the future experts in China that will be our future trading partners.”

Jens Drechsler, project manager DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH

In terms of energy efficiency, worldwide projects are realized, e.g. industrial objects in Chile, Mexico and Poland, hydraulic industrial plants in Spain, Italy and Mexico, supply plants for heat and water in Kiev and Kirovograd (Ukraine), supply plants for heat and water in Riga and Kleipeda (Lithuania). Further plants were commissioned in Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Norway, France, Switzerland and other countries.

Our company is a producer of energy efficient process plants, heat transfer systems, pumping systems, cooling systems and drinking water systems. The product range of DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH extends from pressure boosting and drinking water systems through refrigeration and district heating systems to complex systems such as those used in building services engineering. The following areas are to be mentioned here as examples: Systems engineering, district heating technology, heat transfer technology, heating systems and energy distributors, drinking water heating systems with hygienic water treatment, legionella protection, pressure boosting systems and industrial recooling systems.

We are the owner of several registered patents and disclosure documents.