Company Introduction – Shanghai Hengzhi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Shanghai Hengzhi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd is a Shanghai based non-state-owned company. The focus of work lies on the processing of facade insulation and facade design, as well as on sealing of building envelopes. The Chinese construction company was founded in 2007 and today has around 30 employees and is known in Shanghai greater area as one of the market leaders of high-quality facade works.

“Germany is well known for having an excellent vocational training program. China and the Chinese market need to look at it and learn from the German system. At the moment there is a lack of skilled workers on Chinese construction sites.

The project SG TQC is the project we need to change our system of educating construction workers. We can learn how to change our understanding of construction training together with the Chinese colleges and Chinese and German technology experts.”

The products we use range from exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) through prefabricated facade elements to facade paints and facade plasters. As a long-term partner in construction using products from international suppliers, we have been supporting German and European construction materials manufacturers for a long time.

Due to the lack of vocational training opportunities in the construction industry in China, Hengzhi takes the responsibility for vocational training themselves. We have already started own training initiatives for skilled workers from 2013 and are planning to put more influence on it in the future. We recognize the importance of the skilled workers and plan to improve the quality of our trainings. This has to be done in close co-operation with the economy and other partnerships to train the workers according its needs. Only by educating workers to become skilled workers a constant increase in economic success can be achieved.

Our company provides work by high-skilled workers with high-quality construction material products with standard & advanced technology.

As part of the strategic alliance we can make an important contribution as one of Chinese licensed processing companies in cooperation with our German project partners.

Uwe Münchow in conversation with Chinese business partners
College Workshop for Building Materials

Hengzhi at a Fair in Nanjing

Demonstration at a Fair