Company Introduction – Tubus GmbH

Tubus GmbH is a medium-sized company from Germany. It was founded in 1999 in Leipzig, Saxony. Environmental-friendly management of water, wastewater and sewage systems is our specialization. Tubus GmbH is an innovative company that meets the special requirements of the growing sewer rehabilitation market. We work uncompromisingly and steady on the optimization of our services and continuous improvement of our working processes.  Tubus GmbH is well-known for its tailor-made solutions on our customers’ requests and our exceptional customer service. In the past we already gained some work experience in China during a consultation with the waterworks Shanghai about the renovation plans of rainwater collectors. Several other projects abroad (e.g. in China, Afghanistan, Romania, Turkey and Bahrain) have been performed and therefore we have acquired an expertise in assignments abroad.

„Practical Training is an essential part of the qualifications to work in a construction profession. In the project Sino German Alliance for Technology Transfer and Qualification in Construction (SG TCQ), we hope to develop a good, practical training program in collaboration with the colleges. We hope that our sewage training container will help to improve the training and optimize the work. Our container gives students the chance to work with high-tech products in realistic test circuits and make them tomorrow’s experts. “ 

The core competences of the company lie in the pipe and sewer rehabilitation. This is a field of growing demand in China and combined with the environmentally friendly work of the company a perfect fit for this project.