Bauverfugung Werner GmbH is a business from the federal state Saxony, Germany. It was founded in 1993. The company works in joint sealing, asphalt renovation, corrosion protection for supply and transmission lines and sealing of streets, tunnels, channels and sewage plant during the process of building. The most important distribution partner of the company is DENSO GmbH, which is producing the compression profile FERMADUR. FERMADUR is a joint sealant, which can be used in any weather condition, no matter winter or summer, rain or snow. Even leaking joints with pressing water can be sealed immediately and effectively. This product makes Bauverfugung Werner GmbH one of the leading experts in flood defence.

”The project SG-TQC is a great chance for Chinese and German companies. We can see how our materials such as FERMADUR work in other climatic conditions and how we have to adjust to those new circumstances. Furthermore, our products require highly skilled workers for an immaculate application of FERMADUR. The teaching and training activities in the project will support the development of an appropriate skill level for sealing workers in China.” René Werner, CEO of Bauverfugung Werner

The company works in new construction and preservation of existing buildings. Due to their versatile processes the company offers a range of solutions for engineering, especially in sewage plant, sluice, swimming pools, drive-channels and building with prefabricated elements. Further places of applications can be found in building bridges (cap and centre longitudinal joints) and in concrete traffic areas (space, press and contraction joints).

Using FERMADUR requires great care in calculating profile thickness, precise technical knowledge during the insertion into the joint and during the making of connections and crossing points. This is the field the company is highly specialised, certified and working in worldwide.

In the project SG TCQ Sino- German Alliance for Technology Transfer and Qualification in Construction Bauverfugung Werner tries to raise awareness for the importance of sealing technology and the importance of its skilled use on the construction site.


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DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH has more than 100 years of tradition in plant construction in Saxony, Germany. We have been producing technical products since 1969 and are working on maintaining this tradition. Solid technology and high quality distinguish our products.

“The project Sino-German Alliance for Technology Transfer and Qualification in Construction is a chance. It is a chance for Chinese colleges to get to know German high-tech products and learn how to handle them. Students have the chance to become experts trained by German experts.

For German companies like our company this project is a good opportunity to get to know the Chinese market. During the work with the students and while training them we are able to connect with the future experts in China that will be our future trading partners.”

Jens Drechsler, project manager DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH

In terms of energy efficiency, worldwide projects are realized, e.g. industrial objects in Chile, Mexico and Poland, hydraulic industrial plants in Spain, Italy and Mexico, supply plants for heat and water in Kiev and Kirovograd (Ukraine), supply plants for heat and water in Riga and Kleipeda (Lithuania). Further plants were commissioned in Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Norway, France, Switzerland and other countries.

Our company is a producer of energy efficient process plants, heat transfer systems, pumping systems, cooling systems and drinking water systems. The product range of DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH extends from pressure boosting and drinking water systems through refrigeration and district heating systems to complex systems such as those used in building services engineering. The following areas are to be mentioned here as examples: Systems engineering, district heating technology, heat transfer technology, heating systems and energy distributors, drinking water heating systems with hygienic water treatment, legionella protection, pressure boosting systems and industrial recooling systems.

We are the owner of several registered patents and disclosure documents.

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Shanghai Hengzhi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd is a Shanghai based non-state-owned company. The focus of work lies on the processing of facade insulation and facade design, as well as on sealing of building envelopes. The Chinese construction company was founded in 2007 and today has around 30 employees and is known in Shanghai greater area as one of the market leaders of high-quality facade works.

“Germany is well known for having an excellent vocational training program. China and the Chinese market need to look at it and learn from the German system. At the moment there is a lack of skilled workers on Chinese construction sites.

The project SG TQC is the project we need to change our system of educating construction workers. We can learn how to change our understanding of construction training together with the Chinese colleges and Chinese and German technology experts.”

The products we use range from exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) through prefabricated facade elements to facade paints and facade plasters. As a long-term partner in construction using products from international suppliers, we have been supporting German and European construction materials manufacturers for a long time.

Due to the lack of vocational training opportunities in the construction industry in China, Hengzhi takes the responsibility for vocational training themselves. We have already started own training initiatives for skilled workers from 2013 and are planning to put more influence on it in the future. We recognize the importance of the skilled workers and plan to improve the quality of our trainings. This has to be done in close co-operation with the economy and other partnerships to train the workers according its needs. Only by educating workers to become skilled workers a constant increase in economic success can be achieved.

Our company provides work by high-skilled workers with high-quality construction material products with standard & advanced technology.

As part of the strategic alliance we can make an important contribution as one of Chinese licensed processing companies in cooperation with our German project partners.

Uwe Münchow in conversation with Chinese business partners
College Workshop for Building Materials

Hengzhi at a Fair in Nanjing

Demonstration at a Fair
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Tubus GmbH is a medium-sized company from Germany. It was founded in 1999 in Leipzig, Saxony. Environmental-friendly management of water, wastewater and sewage systems is our specialization. Tubus GmbH is an innovative company that meets the special requirements of the growing sewer rehabilitation market. We work uncompromisingly and steady on the optimization of our services and continuous improvement of our working processes.  Tubus GmbH is well-known for its tailor-made solutions on our customers’ requests and our exceptional customer service. In the past we already gained some work experience in China during a consultation with the waterworks Shanghai about the renovation plans of rainwater collectors. Several other projects abroad (e.g. in China, Afghanistan, Romania, Turkey and Bahrain) have been performed and therefore we have acquired an expertise in assignments abroad.

„Practical Training is an essential part of the qualifications to work in a construction profession. In the project Sino German Alliance for Technology Transfer and Qualification in Construction (SG TCQ), we hope to develop a good, practical training program in collaboration with the colleges. We hope that our sewage training container will help to improve the training and optimize the work. Our container gives students the chance to work with high-tech products in realistic test circuits and make them tomorrow’s experts. “ 

The core competences of the company lie in the pipe and sewer rehabilitation. This is a field of growing demand in China and combined with the environmentally friendly work of the company a perfect fit for this project.  

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The project aims at the education of high quality labor force in the construction industry in three main fields.

The focus lies on the three fields of building materials, esp. façade construction, technologies of energy management and building automation as well as environmental friendly water/sewage technology.

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Baumit Building Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Baumit Building Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Baumit Beteiligungen GmbH as well as a sister company of the German Baumit GmbH. Since the founding of the brand Baumit in 1988, the company had rising number of employees and locations. Today the company is represented in twenty-eight European countries and world-wide.

The company produces and processes advanced plaster systems, in particular heat insulation. It is one of the market leaders in Germany and Europe for factory-made dry mortars, tile laying products and thermal insulation composite systems.

 “This project is a great opportunity for both- the Chinese and German side. Chinese colleges have the chance to develop their training programs for future experts in the construction industry. Furthermore, they get the chance to work with modern machines that simplify everyday work at the construction side and make the building process faster.

German and Chinese companies on the other hand have the chance to get future experts at an early stage of their education in contact with their products and methods. Therefore we are able to train suitable personnel for future users of Baumit products on site.”

Chris Ji, General Manager of Baumit Building Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Since 2005 Baumit has been active on the Chinese market. Baumit Building Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded. In the past 13 years Baumit Building Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Has gained experience in working on the Chinese market and built a production facility close to Shanghai. The challenge for the company is now to successfully and permanently place their products on the Chinese market.

The project SG TQC (Sino- German Alliance for Technology Transfer and Qualification in Construction) is one additional endeavour of Baumit to consolidate our position on the Chinese market. The company recognises an increasing demand at the Chinese market for the high quality of the products of Baumit. The decisive factor for using German and European products is an enormous rise in quality and productivity due to systematic cooperation between plaster manufacturers and machine technology.

Our Top Products

Machine Plaster

Baumit MPI 25L

Factory-mixed, dry lime-cement plaster-mortar, for application by a suitable machine or manually indoors. Lightweight product, low consumption.

Baumit MPI 25

Factory-mixed, dry lime-cement plaster-mortar, for application by a suitable machine or manually indoors. Standard product, normal consumption.

Baumit Ratio L

Factory-mixed, dry Gypsum based plaster-mortar, for application by a suitable machine or manually indoors. Lightweight product, low consumption.

Baumit Vorspritzer

Cement spray, dry mortar for the preparation of substrates. Helps to regulate suction for mineral substrates with strong or uneven suction. For manual and machine application.

ETICS System

EPS system

Baumit Unifix–EPS adhesive
Insulation Baord–EPS board
Baumit Uniflex–Reinforcement mortar for EPS system
Baumit UniPrimer — Primer for paint or decoration render
Baumit GranorporTop– Decoration render for ETICS

Mineral Wool system

Baumit MineralFix–MW adhesive
Insulation Baord–MW board
Baumit MineralContact–Reinforcement mortar for MW system
Baumit UniPrimer — Primer for paint or decoration render
Baumit MosaikTop– Decoration render for ETICS

Decoration Renders

Baumit GranoporTop

Ready to use, synthetic resin render for exterior use. Water vapour permeable and very resistant to water. Acrylic based decorative finish with scratched or dragged grain texture for internal and external areas. Suitable for hand or machine application. A system component of the Baumit External Wall Insulation Systems with EPS or MW.

Baumit MosaikTop

Ready-to-use, acrylic render for external use. Coloured marble stone decorative finish with scratched or dragged grain texture for internal and external areas. Suitable for hand or machine application. A system component of the Baumit External Wall Insulation Systems with EPS or MW.

Baumit Classico

Factory prepared, hydraulic setting dry powder mortar thin top coat decorrender. For manual and machine application in internal and external areas. System component for External Wall Insulation Systems with EPS and MW

Baumit UniPrimer

Primer for decoration renders. Ready-to-use, solvent-free dispersion, bonding agent due to cross-linking with the subsurface, equalizes the water absorption of the subsurface. Due to narrowing of the pores, the water absorption of the subsurface is partially reduced.

Tiling Adhesives & Water Proofing

Baumit One

Normal tile adhesive for fixing High porous tiles which water absorption ≥6% on stable substrate.

Baumit Basic

Standard C1 tile adhesive for fixing any kind of tiles which size smaller than 600mm*600mm on stable substrate.

Baumit ProWhite

Standard C1T tile adhesive with white cement for fixing nature stones on stable substrate.

Baumit FlexUni

High performance C2 tile adhesive for fixing big tiles, heavy stone, large porcelain board on stable substrate.

Baumit FlexTop

Flexible tile adhesive (C2TES1) for fixing any kind of tiles, stones on flexible substrate.

Baumit Protect 2k

Two component cement based waterproofing with latex and dry mortar. Used for bathroom, kitchen, and balcony before tile fixing. Which have good Impermeability and better adhesion strength.

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BFW Bau Sachsen e. V. – Professional training with German Expertise

BFW Bau Sachsen e. V. is one of the leading providers and consultants of VET in the construction industry in Germany. According to the needs of the industry we offer education for various professions, career guidance, talent management and vocational trainings for energy efficiency, water management, building automation and modern building materials.     

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