Securing qualified labor force for energy efficiency technologies in the building industry

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Aim of the Project

The project aims at the education of high quality labor force in the construction industry in three main fields.

The focus lies on the three fields of building materials, esp. façade construction, technologies of energy management and building automation as well as environmental friendly water/sewage technology.


Training of Teachers (VET Colleges)

Training of trainers of three pilot colleges.
Introduction of modular practice-oriented curricula for the aforementioned fields.


Training of Instructors on site

Industry-oriented trainings of instructors in the fields of building materials and water/sewage technology are carried out.


PR + Public/Expert Information/Counselling

The project aims at political decision makers, engineering staff, companies and others experts in the field of execution of construction in China.

The results of the project are promoted and are disseminated through public actors.

Target Groups
Teachers at construction colleges at the provincial level who will pass on their knowledge to their students. This way, the technical knowledge and skills of young people in VET is secured before their professional life, to increase their chances in the labor market.
Target Groups
Key instructors on supervisor level on the construction site. By ensuring a high level of qualification of key staff on site (instructors), a high quality of working results in every day practical work is secured.
Target Groups
  • Planners and managers of public building projects
  • Officials involved in implementation / control of public projects
  • Planning offices, architects, builders and project promoters / investors responsible for design and realization of specific building projects
  • Facility management companies and their staff


Participating Companies – Partners with a Mission

The following private companies from various sectors of the building industry participate in the project and already have branches and conduct business in China:

Building Materials /Façade Construction
Energy Management & Building Automation
Water & Sewage Technology
Process Engineering

DRECHSLERtechnik GmbH is a German producer of energy efficient plants for process engineering, heat transfer, pumps, cooling and for drinking water purification. Learn more…

Tubus GmbH
Water & Sewage Systems

Tubus GmbH from Germany is specialized in the environmental-friendly management of water, wastewater and sewage systems. The core competences of the company lie in the pipe and sewer rehabilitation, a field of growing demand in China. Learn more…

Shanghai Hengzhi Construction Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hengzhi Construction Engineering is a Shanghai based non-state-owned company. The focus of work lies on the processing of facade insulation and facade design, as well as on sealing of building envelopes. Learn more…

bau msr GmbH
Building Automation

Bau msr GmbH is a German producer for building automation, industry plants, switchboard manufacturing and MSR and electric systems. The company has further specialized in energy management systems and energy efficient technologies.

Bauverfugung Werner
Sealing & Corrosion Protection

German Bauverfugung Werner/Richter GmbH is an expert company in the areas of corrosion protection for supply and transmission lines as well as sealing in road, tunnel and sewage plant construction and asphalt reprocessing. Learn more…

Professional training with German experts

BFW Bau Sachsen e. V. is one of the leading providers and consultants of VET in the construction industry in Germany.

Baumit Building Material (Suzhou)
Facade Systems


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German Office: Jochen Sonntag |