Sino-German Alliance – Technology Transfer and Qualification Construction (SG TQC) Held an International Forum of Green Building Industry- to -Education Connection

Sino-German Alliance – Technology Transfer and Qualification Construction (SG TQC) held an international forum of green building industry- to -education connection in Zhejiang College of Construction on April 19th 2018 in Hangzhou.

About the Programme

SG TQC is an international PPP project supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, which is jointly funded by GIZ and well-known German enterprises and domestic construction vocational colleges in the field of building energy conservation.

The programme aims to improve education training in key areas of China’s construction industry. According to the requirements of the new energy-efficient building technology, enable the pilot schools reaching the latest level of knowledge in building materials, wastewater technology and building automation.

Strategic alliances are dedicated to the dissemination of advanced and sustainable building technologies, along with training for energy efficiency professionals. Through a series of activities, corporate partners have surpassed their core business and look forward to improving their construction opportunities and improving their market opportunities in the long run.

The programme also provides product information to potential decision makers, architects, planners, leaders in building energy-saving retrofits, city and community managers who participate in the programme. At the same time, the programme will introduce the international standards of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly buildings, investigate the energy conservation potentials.

Mr. Zhu Yongbin, Director of Zhejiang Construction Bureau, Mr. Hu Hui, Dean of College, GIZ representatives Mr. Jochen Sonntag and Hu Ning attended the meeting. Mr. Song Li, College Party Committee Secretary, gave a welcome speech and introduced the current situation of the college’s foreign cooperation. More than 300 people from Zhejiang Scientific Construction Design department and the enterprise from China and Germany attended the meeting.

Director Zhu Yongbin pointed out that Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department has vigorously promoted the development of green and energy-efficient buildings, and has achieved gratifying results in various fields such as green building technology research, green building vocational education, building industry modernization, and small town construction. They are able to integrate the resources, participate the higher level competition.

Representatives of GIZ, Mr. Jochen Sonntag, and Professor Jens-Uwe Strehle, President of the Saxony Construction Promotion Association, gave presentations on passive low-energy consumption houses and energy-saving technologies. Mr.Zhang Yang, designer of Wedemeyer Architects in Germany, Mr. Zhang Peng, Chief Representative of Switzerland SIGA China, Mr. Mu Wuwei, General Manager of Shanghai Hengzhi Group, and Representatives of ENERRelectronik of Germany, gave a keynote speech. After the meeting, the participating representatives conducted a group exchange and participated in the opening ceremony of the passive house demonstration project.

The cooperation between Chinese and German green building industry promoted by SG TQC programme will further promote the development of green building in Zhejiang Province in the aspects of green building design, comprehensive development of urban and rural green, modernization of construction industry, construction of small towns and cultivation of green building talents, and create a new green situation in urban and rural construction of Zhejiang province.